BlueCLOUD Lock Platform

Have you ever wondered who's getting into your cabinets?
The unauthorized access your aware of, but can't pin down...

Have you experienced a critical remote failure and been unable to learn which technician was at the site last?

Or have you ever been concerned someone might hack your network? Or interfere with real-time operations?

Want to get in ?
Buy your key online,
it's that simple...

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What is the cost of security one might ask?

Out with the old!

Master_Type Steel Padlock at FW.jpg

In with

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Smart Locking Technology...

Secure Smart Padlocks

Smart Traffic Applications


The SOLUTION; the BlueWarrior Smart Locking System-
▪Know by whom and when your cabinets are being opened.
▪Secure and control all entry into your cabinets.
▪Securely cloud manage all access to smart keys and locks.

We'd love the opportunity to chat with you about our smart locking solutions!

If your interested in learning more; let us hear from you...


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