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Optical Gas Imaging
Emissions Detection in Real-Time

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Monitoring & Surveillance...
▪ Regulatory Compliance
▪ and Industrial Safety
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▪ ISO9001:2015
▪ AS9100D
▪ ISO90003:2004
All-in-one solution...
▪ Hardware
▪ Software
All inclusive...
Our Solutions.

Transformational security solutions-

▪ proven cutting-edge security operations

▪ overcoming today's security challenges

▪ realizing tomorrow's regulatory goals 

EyeCGas Mini
Near Targets
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Far Targets
EyeCGas 24/7 Pro

Gases detection near or far; close inspection or miles away...

Our Services.

Fully-integrated security solutions-

▪ security-credentialed corporate & staffing

▪ hardware and software integration builds

▪ local on-call and remote systems support

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(M) 713.826.0739

Houston Metro

How can we help you today?


(M) 512.635.5630


Our Vision.

Accompanied by our outstanding Partners; our vision is simple one; to provide you the answers, the necessary feedback your looking for in your observance and response to day-to-day security & safety challenges-the tools to enable you to meet those challenges on the security & safety landscape of today and into tomorrow.


Whether around the world or in our local communities, we can agree we're all living both business and societal change.

And as change brings to light new problems and challenges; fortunately, humanity responds with effective solutions...


And that is what we strive to accomplish at SecurityTransform. We work with clientele and our manufacturer's while actively researching the security & safety landscape to learn and understand the responses clients need to solve their security & safety problems. In turn, we've secured solid partners to affiliate with for 'best-of-breed' security & safety technologies while engaging in some of our own solutions, producing and distributing intelligent locking solutions.

So stay in touch, learn about what's coming-up and perhaps a thing or two about how we can solve your problems.


For demos or just to talk shop; contact us today and lets discuss how we can transform your security & safety!

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Opgal eLearning Academy
Opgal Theoretical Training & Application
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