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Therm App Infrared Camera
for Android & Linux

With Therm-App you can live stream, record, and share high res thermal video & images; you can run a whole suite of dedicated thermal imaging applications.

Therm-App is a simplistic, lightweight, modular device that clips onto an Android device and transforming it into a powerful, high-resolution thermal imager!

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Therm-App combines the power of a fully functional thermal camera with the mobility, processing power, display capabilities and advanced features provided by smart technology. Through our higher 25Hz frame-rate models, the Therm-App HZ and Pro, we deliver smooth thermal images, especially when the user or the targets observed are on the move.

These innovative devices can be used by professionals for security, safety, construction, maintenance, wildlife observation, and so many other applications. Whether for work, play, or use around the house, Opgal’s line of Therm-App thermal cameras let you experience and capture the world in a way that was never before possible.

With cutting edge technology now available at your fingertips, you can estimate temperatures, conduct aerial surveys, easily reveal hidden wildlife, and find leaks, mold, and cold/hot spots around the house, all with your Android or Linux device.

Give us a call today; we would love to learn and discuss what model Therm App works best for your applications.


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ThermApp InfraRed- "Imagine the possibilities"


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